Freelance design services

Web design & development

From simple brochure websites to full ecommerce shops and complex applications, I can help you get online.

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Web design & front end development

As an experienced web designer and front end web developer, I can design and build responsive websites and applications that look great and work beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. I build to the latest web standards and always optimise for performance, usability, accessibility and search engine rankings.

CMS & ecommerce integration

You should have full control over the content that appears on your website. I have experience with the many of the popular content management systems and ecommerce platforms including WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Perch and Shopify. I can help you choose the right product for your needs and integrate it seamlessly with your bespoke design.

User Experience design

Need help with the early stages of a complex design project? I've worked for a wide range of organisations including Toys R Us, Harrods, Topshop, MasterCard, Universal and the NHS. I can plan information architecture and design user journeys, producing sitemaps, wireframes and interactive prototypes to guide the rest of the development process. I can help with user testing and research too.

Usability & Accessibility Testing

I specialise in usability and accessibility because I'm passionate about making inclusive products that are easy for everyone to use.

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Expert Usability Reviews

Usability is important. If your website or app is difficult to use, people will leave. I can review your website or application for usability problems, measuring it against the latest design standards and best practice. I'll highlight both the weaknesses and the strengths, and prioritise the problems so that you know where to focus your efforts.

Web Accessibility Audits

Accessibility is about making sure websites and applications can be used by people of all abilities, including elderly and disabled people. In the UK and other countries, access to digital services is a legal requirement, just like access to physical services like shops, restaurants, and transport. I can test your website or application against the worldwide WCAG 2.0 standard, measure your current level of conformance, and help you fix any problems.

Real User Testing

There's no substitute for testing the usability of your website or application with real people. I can source participants, plan and record the sessions, and present the results to you in a detailed report with my recommendations.

Graphic design

I can help you get your message across, on-screen and in print.

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Logo design & branding

Your logo and brand is the look and feel that articulates who you are, what your business does, its values and its personality. I can design a unique logo and supporting materials to ensure a distinct, consistent and cohesive identity across digital and print.

Design & Print

As well as logo design, branding and styleguides, I can also design and print a wide range of complementary marketing collateral, from business cards, letterheads and flyers to posters, presentations, signage and stickers.